First Dose of Hope

Well, today is the day. As I type we are in the doctor office waiting out our monitoring time. So far so good. Fingers still crossed but it looks like Alex is way stronger than any stinkin’ side effects!

He is amazing! This child continually impresses me and that’s pretty hard to do figuring I already think that he hangs the moon. He took his shot. Not even one tear. He is such a trooper! Not only did he not cry, he didn’t even flinch. The smile has not even left his face all day.

Thank God for the blessing of His strength that he has given Alex. This day could have gone a million shades of grey but instead it really has been a day of hope and joy. (knock on wood that it continues this way)

Thank you to all of our friends and family for your support and continued good thoughts, good karma, crystal rubbing, praying or whatever it is that you are doing on Alex’s behalf! I love you all for your gift of love! It is that gift that will get us through all the monitoring, struggles and stress that comes our way.



About aaemom

This blog is dedicated to the amazingly strong Mothers and Fathers out there who are dedicated to making their asthmatic, food allergic and eczema ridden child’s life as normal as possible. You are not on this journey alone. Together we can move mountains for our kids! Disclosure: I am not a doctor, a nurse, a respiratory therapist or a nutritionist. I am simply a mother who through trial, error and amazing direction from a good medical team has found things that work for Alex. Please talk to your doctor to finalize any plans for your child’s specific needs. No two children are alike and what works for Alex may not work for your child. View all posts by aaemom

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