Another round of shots

Today is the first day of Alex’s immunology. Supposedly, the Xolair makes it possible now for Alex to get these allergy shots without having an asthma attack. As a mother I am thinking, is a week of Xolair enough? Are we going to go in today to find our that the Xolair is not working? How do we know for sure that these shots will not cause the asthma attack that we once thought they would?

Well, I guess the answer is simply this, we have faith that the doctor knows best and that God is watching over our little man. The nerves have kicked into high gear, but today will be another learning experience and we will get through this as well.

I will post later to let you all know how he does! Thanks for your continued support, prayers and love!


About aaemom

This blog is dedicated to the amazingly strong Mothers and Fathers out there who are dedicated to making their asthmatic, food allergic and eczema ridden child’s life as normal as possible. You are not on this journey alone. Together we can move mountains for our kids! Disclosure: I am not a doctor, a nurse, a respiratory therapist or a nutritionist. I am simply a mother who through trial, error and amazing direction from a good medical team has found things that work for Alex. Please talk to your doctor to finalize any plans for your child’s specific needs. No two children are alike and what works for Alex may not work for your child. View all posts by aaemom

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